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If Melabic is so good, why doesn't my doctor recommend it?

The average doctor is very knowledgeable about drugs, symptoms related to illnesses, side effects of drugs, etc., but knows virtually nothing about herbs or other natural products. The presumption is that our doctors are exposed to and evaluate all treatment options when confronted with a health concern. The conclusion is that if they are unfamiliar with a remedy, supplement, or course of treatment then it can't be that good or effective. Doctors for the most part are taught to treat the symptoms of the disease and are unaware of other natural products that would attack the root of the problem.

The majority of information every doctor gets is supplied by the pharmaceutical industry or by journals strongly influenced by this industry. The pharmaceutical industry has a vested interest in not providing information to doctors about the benefits of supplements. People taking more supplements equates to people taking less prescription medications.

In addition is that doctors are too busy. They simply have no time to set aside to research natural treatments. If they hear about a good result from a patient using supplements they simply say something like, "Well, it looks like what you did helped so keep it up." (we've heard many stories like this). The problem is that they leave it at that. There is no further investigation as to how they might be able to incorporate what was successful for this patient to other patients with similar problems.

When starting on Melabic can I stop using other medications I am taking for my condition?

You should continue to take any medications that have been prescribed by your physician. As your blood glucose level decreases, you should inform your physician that you want to reduce the amount of medications you are taking accordingly. Working together with your physician, you can continue to reduce the amount of medication you are taking, and in most cases, completely eliminate the use of any medication to keep your blood sugar under control. To achieve this, it is critical you follow our simple guidelines, shipped with Melabic, dealing with living a healthy lifestyle.

Does Melabic really work?

Well, yes for most people. We believe that Melabic is the most effective natural product of its kind available. We have a unique blended formula with the most effective dosages on the market. There are many natural products that claim to help regulate blood sugar levels, a lot of these do not have the correct amounts of ingredients to make the biggest impact. Melabic has been formulated on years and years of research to strategically formulate the necessary dosages to have the most impact on stabilizing your blood sugar levels.

Is Melabic safe?

Because Melabic is made with all-natural ingredients and no harmful steroids, fillers, or chemicals, it is absolutely safe to take on a regular basis. As always, consult your physician if you have a concern.

What Are The Ingredients?

Please go to this page for the list of ingredients.

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